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Each of their "Truth"

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

By: Riane Capalad

Tonya 2017 by Craig Gillespie

A rephrased from my previous review

Tonya, a real life story of a dreamer, who did not only love skating but considered it as her foundation (her whole life, treasure, and hope). The film itself upholds the beauty of disgrace within its complexity.

According to Kemode; Margot Robbie, who played for Tonya, never showed a slight of a foot wrong. She was explicit and a natural actress. She perfectly showed a great performance of the outrageous champion skater Tonya Harding in her 2017 biopic movie.

The process of the film was quite intimidating; in the first part of the scene, one can see how uniquely the characters carried their own version of truth of Tonya in their life. Tonya's ex husband, Jeff Gillooly, which she had an abusive on and off relationship, became the narrative product of her hard headed mother’s treatment to her (As per Harding, longing for a brutal affection she experienced growing up).

Sandy Golden, the mother to be named, sacrificed almost everything for Tonya, including her daughter’s love which played a vital role in Tonya’s character development.

Each persona of the characters was given the spotlight to express their identity within the film and to Harding’s life. The punchy personality of Tonya is an outcome of her experiences with the people who surrounded her. Making it more cynical in Tonya’s view point, her life was in fact a misery, yet somehow authentic with beauty of surviving fist and guts.

I would suggest that they should’ve also given more exposure to Tonya’s father and what has happened after he left because in the real life winter Olympics he was there to watch her. Nonetheless, the biography movie is such a cynical approach of reality. And with the “incident” that made Tonya a villainous legacy stapled a survivor in history. Tonya who only seeks for real love and affinity always find her self at the end of a distress.

Even from all the hardships that she encountered, we see a pop icon legacy that will always live in our generation and the next,

“Everybody has their own ‘truth’” - Tonya



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